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Alison Clark Efford, “In the Trump era, supporting our immigrant and international students is critical work”

At the April 2018 meeting of the Organization of American Historians, IEHS hosted a chat on supporting students who are immigrants featuring Ana Elizabeth Rosas (University of California, Irvine) and Rachel Ida Buff (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee). The lunchtime…

In 2017 IEHS scholars made history
In 2017 IEHS scholars made history

In 2017 IEHS scholars made history

In 2017, historians entered the fray. Immigration and ethnic history society scholars, especially, have been called to bring historical thinking and analysis to policy issues and public debates about immigration, citizenship, borders, white supremacy, and vulnerable and marginalized communities. Not…

Lori A. Flores, “Our Thanksgiving Meals Are Eaten, But The Fight for Farm Workers’ Rights Is Still on the Table”

The day after Thanksgiving in 1960, CBS aired an hour-long documentary hosted by Edward R. Murrow called Harvest of Shame which graphically depicted the poverty and despair of migrant farmworkers across the United States. Its strategic premiere date aimed to…

Eladio Bobadilla, “It’s Giving Back to the Community”: Historians of race and ethnicity should take sports seriously

We are living in extraordinary times. The late historian Howard Zinn once remarked that the world we live in is “topsy-turvy.” But Zinn died during the presidency of Barack Obama. The world, it might have seemed, was tentatively moving in…