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Stepan Serdiukov, “Remembering the Old Neighborhood in Chicago: Residential Desegregation, White Ethnic Revival, and the Politics of Oral History”

As a graduate student, I became fascinated by spatial history and immigration during the Progressive Era. I wanted to understand how recent immigrants living in large cities in this era described their surroundings, and wondered what these descriptions would reveal…

In 2017 IEHS scholars made history
In 2017 IEHS scholars made history

In 2017 IEHS scholars made history

In 2017, historians entered the fray. Immigration and ethnic history society scholars, especially, have been called to bring historical thinking and analysis to policy issues and public debates about immigration, citizenship, borders, white supremacy, and vulnerable and marginalized communities. Not…

Eladio Bobadilla, “It’s Giving Back to the Community”: Historians of race and ethnicity should take sports seriously

We are living in extraordinary times. The late historian Howard Zinn once remarked that the world we live in is “topsy-turvy.” But Zinn died during the presidency of Barack Obama. The world, it might have seemed, was tentatively moving in…