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In 2017 IEHS scholars made history
In 2017 IEHS scholars made history

In 2017 IEHS scholars made history

In 2017, historians entered the fray. Immigration and ethnic history society scholars, especially, have been called to bring historical thinking and analysis to policy issues and public debates about immigration, citizenship, borders, white supremacy, and vulnerable and marginalized communities. Not…

Philip D. Erenrich, “Bring in the gypsies: a case study in race and U.S. immigration policy”

 In late July 1909, headlines in several New York City newspapers expressed curious excitement about a group of recently arrived, and swiftly deported, immigrants. “Gypsies Fight to Resist Deportation,” read the Evening Mail. “Wield Babies as War Clubs,” exclaimed the…

Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, “From Repatriation to Deportation Nation: A Century of Mexico-US Migration”

The following entry emerges from my preparations to write the foreword to the English translation of Fernando Saúl Alanís Enciso’s Que se queden allá. El gobierno de México y la repatriación de mexicanos de Estados Unidos 1934–1940 (English: Let them stay there: The…