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Patrick Lacroix, “Refugee Soldiers, American Patriots: Canadians in the Quest for Independence”

In the spring of 1775, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountains Boys surprised the small British garrison at Ticonderoga, a strategic point guarding the all-important hydrographic highway consisting of the Hudson River, Lake Champlain, and the Richelieu River in Canada.…

Marlene Epp, “Narrating the Canadian Mosaic: Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada / Immigration et ethnicité au Canada”

Canada has about 200 ethnic groups, according to the most recent national census. To write the individual histories of all of these groups is a daunting, probably impossible, task. In 1979 the Canadian Historical Association (CHA), with funding from what…

Patrick Lacroix, “The Transplantation of French Canada: A Challenge to Immigration History”

“The old English stock of the Bay State seems to have its power of assimilating other people taxed to the utmost,” lamented a writer for Boston’s Daily Globe in the winter of 1889. “We have thus rapidly developing among us,” added Egbert…