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Submit a Blog Post

IEHS is looking for blog contributors who can speak on the below topics:

  1. A reflection on one’s identity as a historian of immigration and race
  2. A critical commentary on the field of the history of immigration
  3. An Op-ed piece on current politics and its relationship to history, such as an engaging essay on Black Lives Matter, the U.S Election, Pandemic Xenophobia, etc
  4. A short analysis or anecdote on the archives, exploring oral history, visual history, and the research process.
  5. A thoughtful commentary on pedagogical theory, i.e. your personal experience of crafting a syllabus and teaching a lesson on immigration history.

We are also launching a new IEHS blog series titled “Authors on Authors.” The idea of the series is that an author will interview another author on their book and research and vice versa.  IEHS will distribute the interview widely via IEHS twitter and IEHS facebook, besides publishing it on the IEHS blog. The purpose of “Authors on Authors” is to help promote new academic works and authors. The interview will all be conducted through a written format and you will receive as well as provide 5-8 interview questions.

IEHS is open to any creative topics that promote the study of the history of immigration, ethnicity, and race. 

IEHS Blog Submission Guidelines 

  1. Email Blog curator Chienyn Chi for your proposed blog submission:  You can either email a short abstract of 1-4 sentences or the complete blog post. If you are interested in the “Authors on Authors” series, please email Chienyn Chi stating your interest and a description of your research/book. You can already have a fellow author that you want to work with. If not, IEHS will help pair you up with a fellow author. 
  2. Chicago Style: notes and bibliography
  3. Please remember that you’re writing for a general audience. Use clear and compelling prose and avoid jargon. If you must use it, please define it for the reader.
  4. Avoid the lengthy footnotes. IEHS prefers that you make good use of hyperlinks. Rather than include countless footnotes to several books, consider including fewer footnotes and a few hyperlinks directly to the books or articles you are citing. 
  5. Come up with a creative and catchy title. Please note that the blog editor might alter your title with your permission.
  6. Image: optional but recommended. Please note that the blog editor might find images to accompany your work with your permission.
  7. 12-point font, Times New Roman, single-space
  8. Word count: flexible based on topic, 600-1500.
  9. End essay with author/writer introduction. 

For example, Emiliano Aguilar Jr. is a third-year doctoral student in History at Northwestern University. His research interests include the Latinx Midwest and the political development of the community in Northwest Indiana, primarily his hometown of East Chicago.

For a sample Blog post, please read Nick Bloom’s “Blaming Outside Agitators for Street Protests is Not a Distraction — It is an American Call to Arms.” 

Graduate Student Blog Award:

The graduate student authors of the top ten submissions will receive a yearlong student membership to the IEHS, and the top student blog entry will receive an award of $100 and recognition at the IEHS Awards ceremony in addition to a yearlong membership to the society.