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Carlton C. Qualey Memorial Article Award

Presented biannually, an award of $200 was established by the Immigration and Ethnic History Society in memory of Professor Carleton C. Qualey, distinguished historian, newsletter editor, treasurer, and a founder of the Society. The 2019 award will honor the best article published in the JAEH during the 2017 and 2018 calendar years. Questions regarding this award should be directed to the editor of the Journal of American Ethnic History, Suzanne Sinke (

2020-2021 Winner: Laura Madokoro, “’From Citizens to Refugees’: Japanese Canadians and the Search for Wartime Sanctuary.”

2020-2021 Honorable Mention: Sam Vong, “‘Assets of War’: Strategic Displacements, Population Movements, and the Uses of Refugees during the Vietnam War, 1965-1973.”

Previous Recipients

1987-1988: Barry Chiswick, “The Labor Market Status of Hispanic Men” (Fall, 1987).

1989-1990: Victor A. Walsh, “‘Drowning the Shamrock’: Drink, Teetotalism, and the Irish Catholics of Gilded-Age Pittsburgh” (Fall 1990 – Winter 1991).

1991-1992: K Scott Wong, “Liang Qichao and the Chinese of America : A Re-evaluation of his Selected Memoir of Travels in the New World” (Summer 1992).

1993-1994: Bettye Collier-Thomas and James Turner, “Race, Class and Color: The African American Discourse on Identity” (Fall 1994)

1995-1996: Cheryl Greenberg, “Black and Jewish Response to Japanese Internment” (Winter 1995).

1997-1998: James R. Barrett and David R. Roediger, “Inbetween Peoples: Race, Nationality, and the ‘New Immigrant’ Working Class” (Spring 1997)

1999-2001: David Gerber, Epistolary Ethics: Personal Correspondence and the Culture of Emigration in the Nineteenth Century, JAEH 19:4 (Summer 2000)

2001-2002: Edward J.M. Rhoads for “’White Labor’ vs. ‘Coolie Labor’: The ‘Chinese Question’ in Pennsylvania in the 1870s, JAEH, 21:2 (Winter 2002).

2003-2004: Russell A. Kazal for “The Interwar Origins of the White Ethnic: Race, Residence and German Philadelphia, 1917-1939, JAEH 23:4 (Summer 2004),

2005-2006: David Roediger and James Barnett for “The Irish and the ‘Americanization’ of New Immigrants in the streets and in the Churches of the Urban United States, 1900-1930″ JAEH (Summer 2005).

2007-2008: Sam Erman, for Meanings of Citizenship in the U.S. Empire: Puerto Rico, Isabel Gonzalez, and the Supreme Court, 1898-1905″ JAEH, 27:4 (Summer 2008).

2009-2010: Julio Capó, Jr., “Queering Mariel: Mediating Cold War Foreign Policy and U.S. Citizenship among Cuba’s Homosexual Exile Community, 1978-1994″ JAEH 29:4 (Summer 2010).

2012-2013: Nancy Green, École Hautes des Études en Sciences Sociales, Americans Abroad and the Uses of Citzenship: Paris, 1914-1940, JAEH 31:3 (Spring 2012).

2014-2015: Hidetaka Hirota, The Great Entrepot for mendicants; Foreign Poverty and Immigration Control in New York to 1882. JAEH Vol. 33, No.2 (Winter 2014).

2016-2017: Krystyn Moon, “The Alexandria YWCA: Race, and Urban (and Ethnic) Revival: The Scottish Christmas Walk, 1960s- 1970s.

2018-2019: Jane Hong, “Manila Prepares for Independence: Filopina/o Campaigns for US Citizenship and the Reorienting of American Ethnic Histories,” published in Volume 38, no. 1 (Fall 2018). 

2018-2019 Honorable Mention: Cecilia M. Tsu, “‘If You Want to Plow Your Field, Don’t Kill Your Buffalo to Eat’: Hmong Farm Cooperatives and Refugee Resettlement in 1980s Minnesota,” published in volume 36, no 3 (Spring 2017).

2019-2020: Yuri Doolan “Transpacific Camptowns: Korean Women, U.S. Army Bases, and Military Prostitution in America,” (JEAH, Vol. 38, No. 4, Summer 2019).

2019-2020 Honorable Mention: Uzma Quraishi, “Racial Calculations: Indian and Pakistani Immigrants in Houston, 1960–1980,” (JEAH, Vol. 38, No. 4, Summer 2019).